Travis Barker’s New CBD Skincare Line Faces Backlash From Fans

Uh oh! Travis Barker announced that he would be expanding his Barker Wellness Co. brand with a skincare line — but that doesn’t mean it’s being well received by fans.

“It’s vegan. It’s good. Rub it all over your body. #barkerwellness,” Barker, 46, captioned an Instagram photo of himself with the new line of products in his mouth on Tuesday, September 20.

While the brand, which initially sold CBD pain relief balm and gummies, is currently available on sites like Revolve and the official Barker Welness Co. page, fans of the Blink-182 drummer have taken to social media to express their hesitation in purchasing the products.

“A little confused by #TravisBarker’s celebrity skincare line (and the products are expensive 💸) #celebrityskincare #skincarebrand” the Estée Laundry beauty brand wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, referencing the five productive available, which range from a $95 two-in-one face mask and cleanser to a $140 renewal balm.

“$130 FOR EYE SERUM IM SCREAMMINGG,” one fan wrote in the comment section. “95 dollars for a cleanser?! to literally wash down the drain?! 😂😂😂,” another quipped.

Others, however, focused on how the choice to enter the skincare space didn’t feel genuine to the rockstar’s brand.

“He could have done something so much more authentic to him!” one social media user said. “Custom temporary tats, a hand cream/ salve for dry hands good enough for drummers. There’s so much!”

Despite the backlash, Barker has long since been vocal about his love for cannabidiol. In February 2019, he revealed during an episode of the Joe Rogan podcast that CBD had even helped him get sober.

“I’m one of those people whose mind is racing constantly. I’ll get home from the studio at 1 or 2 a.m. and I’m just like, figuring out how long I gotta sleep before I get to wake up my kids to go to school. And I just sit there with my wheels spinning unless I use CBD,” he shared.

Naysayers were also quick to claim the California native had undergone a “Kardashianization” since tying the knot with wife Kourtney Kardashian in May.

“He didn’t want a wife, just a momager in law,” one Instagram user quipped.

Kardashian, 43, who the founder of lifestyle brand Poosh, recently launched a new line of vitamins and supplements. Kourtney’s sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, for their part, also have signature skincare. Mom Kris Jenner has her own line in the works as well.

Last week, Barker opened up about drawing inspiration from his wife, telling Elle, “Kourtney has taught me consistently is key when it comes to skincare and now I’m seein results,” adding that he wanted his own line to be “simple, so it’s straightforward for anyone to follow.”

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